Global Medical Care System was created in 2010 by Dr. Mounayer a renowned medical doctor in the United Arab Emirates and the GCC.
On account of his 30 years of experience in the Health Care sector, he noticed the growing need to have a major medical provider in the region that meets the demand in this 
fast-paced environment.

Therefore, Global Medical Care System was created in order to promote and distribute high-end medical equipment in the United Arab Emirates and the GCC.

At GMCS we know that choosing a medical equipment provider is a very important decision. Having a supplier that you can count on before and after the sale is crucial, 
that is why we promise to deliver quality products and outstanding customer service every step of the way.

GMCS’s goal is to implement our experience and expertise so that we can deliver the highest standard quality equipment for our clients.

Our clients find that our products embody the level of quality demanded by the industry. Therefore, we assure you that in order to retain our most precious asset, the customer, 
we promise the most efficient and pleasant purchase for all of your medical equipment needs.

Finally, since we are constantly striving for growth and expansion, GMCS looks forward to partnering with other medical companies willing to offer First-Class medical equipment.

                        MISSION & VISION

By distributing global brands such as, Seiler, Andromeda, Globus, Aspel, Boso, Airel/Quetin, Deppeler, Nordiska, Directa, Haelvoet, Carina Medical, BMB Medical, Orich
Inex/ Mesalyse, MI Medical Innovations, JCM-MED ,Yile Medical, V-Medical, Soltec, Mocom, Pulsar IPL.
We believe that we can help healthcare providers to achieve excellence in medical care.
Moreover, our company will be on a constant growth and expansion and we will always look forward to work with medical company that can offer first-class 
medical equipment.

Looking ahead, Global Medical Care Systems is set on the road to be one the most renowned exclusive agent/distributor in the UAE.
Global            Medical Care System
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