HAELVOET        (Belgium)

Hospital beds, Healthcare beds, relaxing chair & bedside cabinet

Carina Medical        (France)

Examination Couches, Specialized Couches, Blood Sampling and ENT chairs, Physiotherapy table, Trolleys step stools & Laboratory chairs

BMB Medical        (France)

Strechers & transport chair for ophthalmology, Emergency, Ambulatory, Transfer, Bloc &Patient trolley


AIREL QUETIN        (France)

Dental chair, Dental Products, Decontamination

ORICH        (UK)

Dental Instruments with full range

DEPPELER        (Switzerland)

High quality Dental Instruments

NORDISKA        (Sweden)

Dental products including, Composites, Calasept endoline, Ceramic filling

DIRECTA        (Italy)

Dental consumables and day to day dental products


SEILER        (USA)

Dental, Medical (Loupes, Colposcopy, ENT, compound microscopes) Mounting options, Accessories, Image capture Pro, Multidisciplinary surgical zoom microscope

ANDROMEDA        (Germany)

Urology, Urodynamics

GLOBUS        (Italy)

Portable professional electro-medical device for physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Electrotherapy, Ultrasound therapy, Diathermy/Tacer Therapy, Laser Therapy, Magnetotherapy, Pysiolab Pro, Vibration Platform, Soccer training Machine

ASPEL        (Poland)

Dedicated to manufacturing cardiology equipments. Electrocardiograph, PC based ECG, Holter system, ABPM system, exercise stress test system

Boso        (Germany)

The easy way of checking for risk of heart attack and stroke, Simultaneous blood pressure measurement on the left and the right arm, Ambulatory blood pressure monitor, Aneroid sphygmomanometers stethoscopes.


INEX        (France)

Liposuction, Infiltration, Liposculture / Electrosurgery, Lift, Compression Garments,Dermatology, Lipolysis & Needels

MESALYSE        (France)

Mesotherapy system, Catheters, Accessories, carboxytherapy


Designs, manufactures & sells various ranges of medico-surgical & paramedical in mesotherapy for  physicians (Mesotherapy-gun) ,physical therapists and beauty professionals

PULSAR IPL        (UK)


JCM        (France)

IIV Cannula, Stopcocks, Burettes, AVF needle sets, IV sets, Transfusion sets, extension catheters, Injection sets, Suction tubes

ANDROMEDA        (Germany)

Urology, Urodynamics

YILE MEDICAL        (China)

Disposable sterilized medical devices, sterile syringes, infusion sets, blood transfusion sets, hypodermic needles, vaginal speculums; urine bag

FUZELONG        (China)

Production of hygienic materials. Garments, masks, surgical cap

V-MEDICAL        (China)

Medical dressing products & kits, sterile and non-sterile products: kits, bandages, gauze swabs, non-woven swabs, gauze balls, non-woven balls, laparotomy sponges, zig-zag folded gauze


Troubleshooting and repair of medical equipments

hospital service contract which include medical equipments management system

Biomedical department

Biomedical test equipment and PPM control


SOLTEC        (Italy) 

ultrasonic cleaner machines for specific fields like medical, dental, pharmaceutical, laboratory 

AIREL QUETIN        (France)

Dental Infection control solutions, Dental chair, Dental Products, Decontamination

MOCOM        (Italy)

Synonymous with sterilization and hygiene. The essential elements of every Mocom products are safety reliability and being user- friendly

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Global            Medical Care System